Thursday, July 16, 2015

A to Z of food

I found a very cool site with some ideas for blog posts. So here is the A to Z of food from MYATOZCHALLENGE.COM Check it out!! Cieszkowska Cieszkowska

Adventurous when it comes to trying unusual food? - Not really, I usually only have certain things, although, I am getting better. I would not eat sushi for years and now I am obsessed with it. I have even tries the "eww" stuff from the past like eel!

Breakfast – what does your typical breakfast consist of? - Since I am on Nutrisystem, my breakfast is usually either a sausage and egg sandwich with some cheese or a pastry item (muffin, biscotti bites, etc) and either milk or yogurt.

Comfort food – what do you reach for when you need cheering up? - Carbs!! Mac and Cheese, mashed potatoes, bread, spaghetti.

Describe a dessert to die for - I love chocolate cake, a nice, rich, moist cake with lots of frosting!

Eggs – sunny side up, scrambled, poached or another way – how do you like yours? - usually over medium or scrambled.

Fruit – do you find it fiddly or fab? What’s your favorite? - I am learning to love fruit. My faves are cherries, oranges, any type of berry and bananas.

Gourmet food – what do you make of it? - I am not a big gourmet food eater. If I look at a picture of "gourmet food" and I don't know how to eat it, I don't want it!

Hangover food – what works for you? - I don't have alot of hangovers so I'm not sure exactly what hangover food is!

Ice cream – what’s your favorite flavor? - I am boring, I would probably say chocolate ice cream is my favorite. Although, I do love pistachio ice cream!

Juices – just one fruit or a cocktail of flavors? And your favorite juice? - One fruit, with a cocktail, you lose the flavor. My favorite juice would have to be orange.

Kitchen Queen or a total disaster? - I am okay in the kitchen, but my hubby is better so he is the cook at our house!

Lunch – tell us about a lovely lunch, real or ideal. Where? What? Who with? - I think that the best lunch is with friends! The food doesn't matter.

Money is no object so what would you order in a restaurant? - Steak!

No way! I’m not eating that! What foods turn your stomach? - Bugs, Tofu, and any kind of intestine or organ. EWWW!!

Octopus – would you? Have you? How was it? - NO!!!

Picnics – describe your perfect picnic platter - Fried chicken, potato salad, bread and butter and of course chocolate cake. Some olives and cheese and crackers to start out.

Quick snack – what do you go for when you need something fast? - When I need a snack it is usually something like an apple and a cheesestick or a protein drink.

Roasted, baked, chips or mash? What’s the best way of cooking potatoes? - I love potatoes anyway, my favorite would be mashed potatoes with cheese, milk and garlic. Although I recently saw a recipe for mashed potatoes with cream cheese, I may have to try that one.

Signature dish – what’s yours? Why? - My signature dish is "hot dish" or casserole - usually either Tuna Casserole or a Hamburger/Tater Tot Casserole!

Toast – how can something so simple be so complicated? How do you like yours? - Not too dark with LOTS of good quality butter!

Underrated food you think everyone should try - SUSHI. I used to be appalled by the idea, but now I love it! Also things like bologna sandwiches (one of my favorites)

Vegetarian dishes you love or hate - they are not my favorite, I am a meat eater and don't think that I could ever be anything but. I will have meatless meals every once in a while though.

Weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten - Banana Sushi!! and I don't mean dessert. It was a California Roll with banana!

X-rated – what food gets you in the mood? - I don't think I've really ever thought about this!

Yuckiest meal? What? Where? Why? - My hubby and I went to a Veitnamese restaurant in Las Vegas and the food was so bad that I could not finish mine (and if you know me, you know that is saying alot). The pork was so fatty that it was making me sick. and the flavor was not good!

Zero calorie options – are they an option for you? Why? - At this time, being on Nutrisystem and trying to lose weight, I am eating alot of zero calorie foods, however, I think that they can not possible be very healthy since they are usually more chemicals than actual f

What is your A to Z of food?

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