Tuesday, December 6, 2016

December Blog Challenges - SNOW!!! Yes or No!!!

SNOW... Yes or No

Anybody who knows me knows that I currently live in Las Vegas because I lived in Northern Nevada for 8 years and had enough of the snow. I couldn't stand living in it anymore. Even now, when I think about moving back there, my knuckles turn white and a family of butterflies invade my tummy. But, if I don't have to live in it... I love it...

What do I mean by that. If I don't have to actually function (go to work, drive, etc). It is amazing. I love to snuggle on the couch in the middle of a snow storm with the fireplace burning and a cup of coffee and just watch the snow. It gets so quiet and peaceful.

However, driving or having to function, nope, no way...

Maybe later, when I don't actually have to leave my house 😉

Do you enjoy the snow?

Monday, December 5, 2016

December Blog Challenge - 20 Christmasy Things To Do

Sometimes we forget some of the fun "Christmas-y" things to do during the season. So, since there are 20 days left until Christmas, here are 20 ideas...

Drive around the neighborhood and look at the lights
Build a snowman, if you live where it snows!!
Watch a holiday movie (some of my favorites will be in a future post, stayed tuned!)
Drink hot chocolate
Listen to Christmas Music (yup, they are coming up!)
Build a gingerbread house
Attend a Christmas Tree Lighting
Write a letter to Santa
Decorate the tree
Find an "ugly sweater"
Send a care package or card to a soldier
Make a wreath for the front door
Take a ride on a Santa Train
Make Christmas Cookies
Watch or participate in a Christmas Parade
Go skiing/sledding/ice-skating
See The Nutcracker
Donate to an Angel Tree
Visit with Santa, even if you don't have kids!

Can you think of anything else...let me know!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

December Blog Challenge - Sending Christmas Cards


I never send Christmas Cards, like, NEVER... I always say I am going to, buy the cards, but then never send them. This year is different. My hubby mentioned that he wants to send cards out. So we are going to do it. 

I hate the cards that i have at home, they were bought a couple of years ago as they were really cheap for my people at work 😀 but they were never used. So I went to Walmart today and bought new ones, now we just have to sit down and prepare them... 

Wish me luck!

Do you send Christmas or Holiday Cards? Let me know why or why not in the comments. 

Saturday, December 3, 2016

December Blog Challenge - Day 3 - OOPS!

Only day 3, and I already missed one, damn it! But we got our Christmas Tree last night and all the stuff to go with it! I will take pictures when it is done!!

Friday, December 2, 2016

December Blog Challenge - Favorite things to do on a cold day



Having said that, there are some things that are great for a cold day.

When I lived in an area where it snowed (and I didn't have to leave the house) I loved to sit in the warm house with a blanket, snuggled up on the couch and watch the snow come down. It was so peaceful, the snow would insulate everything and it would get so quiet.

Now, I live in the desert so it gets cold, but we have not had snow (at least not yet). I snuggle up in my fuzzy pajamas and slippers, with my fuzzy blanket and the fireplace going. A cup of hot cocoa or maybe some soup or chili. A good book or a favorite movie on the tv. Or I just stay in bed and cuddle with my hubby or my dog.

I do actually leave the house, but I hate being cold. Sometimes I like going out for a walk in the cold, but I have to be very bundled up. When the air is brisk and clean and your nose gets red!

What are somethings that you do when the weather turns chilly?