Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Blog Challenge - Day 20

Concerts I have attended…

I love music, I just am not a huge fan of crowds…

When I was younger, I attended 2 HUGE concerts (at least for me). To give you an idea of how old I was, my mother went with me to the concerts. The first (my first concert ever!!) was New Kids on The Block. The second was Vanilla Ice. Then, when I was older, I attended concerts such as CHER, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, Alan Jackson, Jimmy Buffett, Sting and Annie Lennox and Rascal Flatts. I have also been to a couple Music Festivals…
People I want to see in concert…

I would LOVE to see New Kids on The Block again. I live in Las Vegas, they are here a lot. However, that thing about crowds… Also, Justin Timberlake is a dream concert (again CROWDS). One of my music obsessions right now is Pentatonix, they will be here in August with Kelly Clarkson… I may have to think about that one…

Also, not concerts but big groups of people seeing one person on a stage, I have seen several comedians recently (I live in Las Vegas, they are very popular here). I saw Howie Mandel and Carlos Mencia while in Northern Nevada. I have also seen Pablo Francisco and Jeff Dunham while in Southern Nevada. I love comedy. I love to laugh. What is it they say, “Laughter is the best medicine!”

Monday, June 29, 2015

Blog Challenge - Day 19

What’s in my closet…

A lot less then there was a few weeks ago…

Last weekend, I went through my closet since I have now officially lost 50 pounds. A lot of my clothes had gotten too big, I had a large section in my closet which I could not wear. So, I downsized. I started filling a large garbage bag with shirts, then another with pants. Then I moved to my dresser. I made myself a deal that if it said 26+ or 3X on it, it was gone. All in all, I donated 80 pounds of clothing to a local charity. I left quite a bit of stuff in my closet and I still think that I need to go through it some more. The pants I am wearing today are too big, I have another bag started and every time I find something else that is too big, in the bag it goes. Pretty soon, I will run out of clothes all together! I have replaced with a few new items. I am obsessed with Maxi skirts right now. I have 6 of them, although 2 of them I have had for a while and are not my favorites. I will not be buying anything in the month of July, so I hope I don’t run out of clothing until after the end of the month…

Layout of the closet…

We have a walk in closet, in the shape of an L. My hubby has about 1/8 of the closet. I have the rest. Does that sound like average. Also in the closet is purses and shoes and my laundry basket. I have one of those baskets that’s actually 3-in-1. One section for darks, one for lights and another for underwear. I LOVE it since I HATE to do laundry. At least this takes away the sorting step…

We also use our closet for some storage (not as much as before, but, still…). There are things up on the shelves that we just don’t know what else to do with. This will be where we start for the July Downsizing project.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Blog Challenge - Day 18

My favorite childhood book...

I am an avid reader and I credit my mother with that. I grew up reading and being read to, by my mom, my grand parents and my great grandmother. I think that I have to talk about 3 different books or sets of books to talk about my favorite.

The first is the Little House on the Prairie books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. I loved these books, I loved the adventures and the relationships, and, later, this would become one of my favorite television shows too!

The second is a book called Wait Til Helen Comes by Mary Downing Hahn. This book started my love of the horror genre. It is a ghost story. It is well written and scared the pants off me.

Then, when I got older, I started to read Phyllis A. Whitney. I devoured these books. I still look for them when I am at the library or online. Sadly she passed away in 2008, but she was 104 years old so she had a LONG life. I believe that this is the author that made me continue to love reading.

I love to read, I usually have at least one if not more, books that I am reading (or want to read) at a time. I can not be without a book, which is why the Kindle is such an amazing invention, I can have over 1000 books at my fingertips at any time!

In an upcoming post I will discuss my current favorites and the books that I could read over and over again...

July Projects

So, July will be an interesting month at my house. My hubby and I will be doing a couple "projects" in that month.

The first is a "No Spend" month project. I found this idea on 31 Days of Living Well and Spending Less by Ruth Soukup. We will go the whole month without spending any extraneous money. We will not eat out or buy any extra things, other than the necessities. We will pay bills and by minimal groceries. We will eat all the stuff that is in the pantry that we have bought but never used.

July will be a good month for this because there are actually 3 paychecks in the month, so I am hoping that we will be able to save a little money!

The second project will be some downsizing of "stuff." When I started this blog, I did not have any idea that the name would actually become two-fold. First it was just about my weight loss journey, I am a plus-size woman trying to downsize her weight. But recently, it has taken on greater meaning. We have a plus sized life, too much stuff and too much stress and we are going to try to down size this life, getting rid of things that we don't need. I still have boxes of stuff that have not been unpacked since I moved to Northern Nevada from Florida, that is 10 years ago... We really need to downsize, especially if we become serious about living in the van and traveling and blogging about it.

I will keep you guys informed about our progress on these projects...follow our journey!

PHOTO CREDIT: rich piggy via photopin (license)

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Blog Challenge - Day 17

Something I miss...

Well, what I am going to talk about today is not a thing, really... its people, 3 distinct sets of people, actually...

First, is missing family that have left us. I am an only child who has a single mom. I was always really close to my maternal grandparents and my maternal great grandmother. I had them in my life for a long time (I really was very lucky in that respect). However, it was very hard to lose them as we did. In 2002, we were all living in South Florida. My mother and I lived in one home, my grandparents and my great grandmother lived in another; we had moved my great grandmother in to their home a few years before after she had a fall and was unable to live on her own anymore.

Another family member had a home that was empty so we all decided to move in together. So in early 2002, my mother and I moved into this home with my grandparents and my great grandmother. It was a good thing we did... a few months later, my grandmother woke up one morning and could not speak.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Blog Challenge - Day 16

My favorite TV shows…

Okay, truth is, my TV has not been on in weeks. I have been too busy on the computer to watch stupid reruns on TV. Although we had a free HBO weekend a few weeks ago, we watched 8 movies all weekend, the TV got a workout.

Come, fall, however…

I ALWAYS watch NCIS, NCIS Los Angeles and NCIS New Orleans. If I miss them, watch out. I love the characters and how you get to know them.

Another show that I am obsessed with right now, and cannot wait for is How To Get Away With Murder. Such twists and turns…

Also, I watch more FOX shows than any other network, I think. Bones, Sleepy Hollow and Gotham are all up there on my favorite list.

I used to watch so much more TV, I would have calendar that I would fill out because I would have 2 sometimes 3 shows on at one time that I would watch. Now, I am lucky if I even watch the ones I just listed… Thank goodness for DVR

There are also the shows on other channels… Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown being one that I watch most of the time.

However, if there is one show that I cannot miss, that I WILL NOT miss… it is The Walking Dead. OMG, I plan my life around this show. Want to make plans, better not be on Sunday. Someone’s birthday party, nope, can’t make it. And now there is going to be a 2nd one…oh, goodness…

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Blog Challenge - Day 15

Hobbies and Interests…

What do I do for fun? Huh…

Well, I read, a lot! I have two full bookshelves in my living room, books scattered throughout my bedroom and a Kindle with over 900 titles on it. So, yeah, I like to read. I have different moods too… Horror books, romance novels, sometimes science fiction… The only thing I am not that fond of are westerns and nonfiction (usually). I will be talking about my favorites in a later post so stay tuned.

Another hobby is the computer. I love checking out Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and all the other sites to see what is going on in the world. Now that I am writing this blog, I am starting to find other blogs that are interesting and that I am following. Also, since this blog is so new, I am doing a lot of research to find out how to make it better, and, hopefully, eventually, I would love for it to be a job, you know, one with a paycheck!!!

Interests… my interests at this time are pretty eclectic. I love music, I always have songs in my brain (when I am trying to concentrate, when I am trying to sleep, when I am trying to do ANYTHING else, songs are there). I am also obsessed with essential oils at this time. I had a good experience with them, started doing research and now want all of the oils I read about. Earlier in the blog, I posted a couple recipes that I had made with essential oils. I still have one more that I want to make, a whipped body butter, I just have not gotten that far yet. I will keep you updated and post when it is done, hopefully this weekend.

Other hobbies and interests… I love to swim and it is getting to that time of year, went in the pool for the first time in forever the other night, it was amazing.

Another hobby is sleeping! And hanging out with the hubby and the pups. Maybe will start camping and that can become a new hobby…

We’ll see what else evolves with this blog, which, at this point is a hobby, but would like it to become more…

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Blog Challenge - Day 14 - Half Way!!!

What I ate today…

Since I started Nutrisystem in January, I usually eat 6 “meals” a day… Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and then 3 snacks. Some days I may skip one or two snacks to have a bigger breakfast, lunch or dinner. But typically this is a normal looking day…

My breakfast this morning was a Nutrisystem Double Chocolate Muffin and a Dannon Light and Fit Raspberry Chocolate Greek yogurt

My morning snack was a Atkins Mocha Café protein shake

My lunch was Nutrisystem Three Cheese Chicken with extra broccoli and a Laughing Cow Queso Fresco and Chipotle cheese wedge and steak (yes, I mixed chicken and steak, I am a freak). I also had sugar snap peas and carrots on the side with Bolthouse Ranch dressing

My afternoon snack was ¾ cup of blueberries and 3 ounces of turkey breast

My dinner was Nutrisystem Italian Sausage & Turkey Pizza and a salad with avocado, cheese and croutons with Bolthouse Thousand Island dressing (yum)

My evening snack (dessert) was a Nutrisystem Peanut Butter Cookie.

On Nutrisystem, you are supposed to have at least 4 servings of vegetables a day… as you can see, I had that today (and then some).

I drank 12 glasses of water with crystal light, because I have a really hard time drinking plain water.

I have found that I am usually not hungry on Nutrisystem. I also have found that the food is actually pretty good. I would like to continue to eat Nutrisystem for as long as possible, I have lost 50 pounds since January 10th and have about 80 pounds left to lose… but I also feel that I could do this on my own, if I had too!

Tomorrow I write about my favorite hobbies and pastimes… Stay tuned!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Blog Challenge - Day 13

My Dream Job…

I am a social worker who works with the elderly to keep them in their homes. What I really want to be is a stay at home mom…now there are a few issues with that, continue reading to find out more…

I have been a social worker for 15 years. My first jobs were with juveniles in the juvenile detention realm. I interned at a semi residential facility for at risk youth and I also worked for a juvenile detention diversion program. Then I moved on to my “passion field,” domestic violence. I worked at a domestic violence shelter for 2 ½ years. That is a hard job. I burnt out pretty quickly. I was done by the time my family decided to move and leave the area in South Florida where we were living. When we moved to Northern Nevada I went to work for Child Protective Services, I know, the EVIL CPS!!!!! I was the one who took all the calls, I hardly ever did investigations. I was there for 4 years and then I moved to working with the elderly. I worked with this population in Northern Nevada for 4 years. Then hubby and I moved to Southern Nevada and I have worked with the same population for 2 years here. I love my job.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Blog Challenge - Day 12

What's in my purse...

Well, its been a while so I figured I needed to clean out my purse...

My purse is full of receipts, Walmart, Cardenas, Albertsons... several others.Also, my grocery list from last week. There is also my wrist brace since I hurt my wrist earlier in the week and had to wear the brace for a few days.

I also have two medals from the walk/race that I completed yesterday. No wonder my purse is so heavy!! I also have the cell phone case from my walk/race and my headphones.

There is also my wallet with checkbook, credit cards and other wallet-y stuff...

I also have a couple of restaurant menus, one is a Mexican place that we went to yesterday for lunch, and the other is my favorite sushi place!!

My sunglasses case and my keys are at the bottom of my purse. 2 pens (which is a small amount since I usually have more). 3 packs of gum (why do I need this much gum?) and my lip balm and doTerra Peppermint beadlets. Also a headache essential oil blend of lavender, peppermint and frankincense...

So now that I cleaned out my purse it is a lot less heavy!! I usually have my cell phone also in my purse, but since it is the weekend, that is on the table next to me.

Tomorrow, I get to write about my dream job...

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Blog Challenge - Day 11

My favorite foods…

Yay, one of my favorite topics!!!

So, right now, I am obsessed with SUSHI. I could eat it all day/every day! I have to have it and when I don’t I think about it (I am not sure that I have gone so far as to say I DREAM about it). The funny thing is, I resisted it for SO long. My hubby has always liked sushi and when we were first together, I tried it…I got through about 4 pieces before I actually had to spit it out and try not to puke. I did not eat it for a long time. Then, recently (2 or 3 months ago), we got California Rolls. Then I started craving it. We would go to lunch and I would try a new thing each time. This last time I actually tried a piece of sushi that had raw fish on it. I think that was the problem during the first sushi trip. It’s a texture thing. But, wonders of wonders, I was okay! It was not my favorite, but I didn’t want to throw up.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Blog Challenge - Day 10

What I do for Exercise…

So I got up this morning at the butt crack of dawn to go do a Father’s Day 1 mile race/fun walk. It was really freaking hot!!. Luckily it only lasted about 20 minutes. I can’t imagine what the 10K runners felt like…

I walk for exercise right now. I am in the middle of my weight loss journey, so I do not yet feel comfortable in joining a gym. I will, eventually, because I will need to do the strength training part of the process. But right now, I walk. I walk in the morning on the treadmill. I was going outside to walk, but, again, I live in Las Vegas (desert) and it is HOT!!! I will probably not get back to walking outside until, oh, October, maybe!

I have some exercise DVDs also, but have not really used them. I have Leslie Sansone videos and I watch some videos on YouTube. I really want Richard Simmons videos: Sweatin to the Oldies. I used to do that one years ago, and I LOVED IT!

I tried to do yoga, but I don’t seem to have the patience for it…maybe I will try again.

I also have an elliptical, however, I can only be on it for 5 minutes at a time before I feel that I am going to die. I should get back in the habit though as I lost a lot of weight on it a few years ago.

So, at least at this moment, those are my options for exercise. I am willing to try anything…at least anything that I can do indoors in the 108+ degree heat we are experiencing right now!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Blog Challenge - Day 9

Where do I want to visit?

Okay, I know the challenge was for 5 places, but I could not narrow it down so here are the 8 places that I want to visit...

I have always dreamed of traveling the world (the problem being that the minute I leave, all I want to do is go home). So thinking about all of the places that I want to visit, almost makes me want to pack my bags...


I have always wanted to go here, before it was visited by Lara Croft... It seems so magical and peaceful. The only issue that I would have is most of the toilets in this part of the world are "squat toilets" and I do not mean that they are short!!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Blog Challenge - Day 8

Things that make me scared…

This is a hard one for me as no one likes to think about the things that scare them. I have this phobia of it, in my mind, if I think about these things too long or often, they may happen. But on the other hand, if you know what your fears are, they are more likely to be able to be dealt with, right?

My first major fear is losing my family. Whether it be my hubby, my mom or anyone else in my immediate (or not so immediate) circle. I guess this fear boils down to a fear of being alone. No one wants to be alone. I have my family and that keeps me going.

My second major fear is losing my health. I had not really worried about this (for real) until last year when I was going through all the health stuff. It was the first time my health had been an issue. At this moment, I am better and all of the issues have gone away, but what if they haven’t. What if I go to the doctor next week and he finds something…or in 6 months…or in 2 years. This scares the hell out of me.

Another major fear is that I will never have my own family. I am 37 years old, my hubby is 42 years old. I really want a family, however, I am beginning to think that this will not happen. First, because of my health (one ovary gone and the other in trouble). Second, because we are getting up there in years… Third, PAIN!!! I know that it is painful to have a baby and I am not that big on pain, or throwing up! Morning sickness scares me!

I also have the little fears, you know, the normal ones…strangers, bugs, spiders (yes, they deserve their own category)…

Then there are the other fears, things that I cannot control… like losing control. I hate to be the passenger in a car because I am not in control. Not that the same things couldn’t happen if I was driving but… Can you imagine how I am if I have to get on an airplane (that’s why I drive everywhere).


I have been thinking lately... 

Would my friends and family think I was crazy if we decided to get rid of all of our stuff and travel around in the van with our pups and blog about it? I think we would be crazy…

Hubby is turning the van into an RV of sorts. He has built the bed frame and went and bought a cozy mattress for it. It will have electricity (eventually) in that there will be a solar panel on the roof attached to batteries (and whatever other magic goes in to making that work). He is planning the little kitchenette area (really just a cooler with a charcoal grill at this time, not sure if there will be running water).

We will have storage and room for our pups. He is watching lots of videos of people who do this and I am following several accounts on twitter and Instagram… It looks so freeing. I know we would have to have money. There is expense…food, gas, maintenance…cell phone bills, probably a storage bill since I know that I would not be able to get rid of everything (but, really, how LIBERATING would that be!!!)

It sounds amazing, and also scary…but life is about taking risks. RIGHT?!?!?

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Blog Challenge - Day 7

Piercings and Tattoos...

I love body decoration...I love the fact that we have the right to put cool and meaningful pictures on our bodies. I am not interested in getting a giant hole in my ear or in someother parts of my body, but if you want to, why not!

I have the standard ear piercing. I got the first hole in each ear when I was little and the second hole in each ear a few years later. I only wear earings in one hole in each however, since i think the second (top) hole has closed up since I never wear earrings. When I was younger I wanted to get my tongue pierced, I had so many friends that had this and I wanted it to. But I never did it...

I have one tattoo that I have had work done to three times (ouch!). It is a sun, moon and stars on the back of my neck/back. I have found several designs that I want to continue my body art, but just can't seem to find the time or money to do them...

I met my husband through his tattoos and we had one of our first dates at the tattoo parlor... I met my hubby on MySpace and the picture that he had was his tattoo. That is what first attracted me and got me to send him a friend request. And the rest, as they say, is history... one of the first dates that we had was at the tattoo parlor, where I had my tattoo worked on and he also got some work done to his. It was a very interesting date to say the least!

Tattoos are beautiful to me. If you have tattoos and you catch me staring at them, I'm sorry, not sorry!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Blog Challenge - Day 6

I put my music player on shuffle, this is the first 15 songs that played...

I have 2937 tracks on the music player on my phone...its a pretty eclectic mix!

1. Stompin' at the Savoy – Harry Connick Jr. – When Harry Met Sally soundtrack

2. Where is the Love – The Black Eyed Peas and Justin Timberlake – Elephunk

3. Georgy Girl – The Seekers – Singers & Songwriters 1964-1969 (Disc 2)

4. Go Tell it on the Mountain – Pentatonix – PTXmas (Deluxe Edition)

5. Wake Up – Alicia Keys – Alicia Keys

6. Mary, Did You Know – Pentatonix – That’s Christmas to Me

7. That's the Way I Always Heard It Should Be – Carly Simon – Singers & Songwriters: 1970-1971 (Disc 2)

8. You Don't – Sara Evans – Born to Fly

9. Something – Tanya Tucker – Come Together, America Salutes The Beatles

10. You've Got To Hide Your Love Away – Eddie Vedder – I Am Sam soundtrack

11. Brainless – Eminem – The Marshall Mathers LP 2

12. Early Morning Rain – Gordon Lightfoot – Singers & Songwriters: The 1960’s (Disc 2)

13. Harry's Game – Celtic Woman – Celtic Woman

14. Help Me Remember – Rascal Flatts – Still Feels Good

15. Wheel of the World – Carrie Underwood – Carnival Ride

I love music, I think I have mentioned that...

Monday, June 15, 2015

Blog Challenge - Day 5

Where Do I Want To Live...

I currently live in Las Vegas, NV. It is so hot and arid, I do not like it at all (but I love my job, so I deal...) I really would like to live somewhere that is green with hills and trees that do not have the word PALM in their names. I would like to have 4 seasons, although I am not a huge fan of snow... I want to be able to see hills and the sky and not smog and other houses when I look out my windows. I would like to have a garden (DON'T LAUGH!!!)

My best friend moved to Tennessee recently and this really describes what I see when I look at pictures. Someone I follow on Instagram just moved to North Carolina and posted a picture and when I saw it, I was like..."That's it, I want to live there! It was a white farm house with lots of land and a creek and trees and room to roam.

I would love to be somewhere that it rains...more than the stupid rain we get here that is just a pain in the ass, because it is the desert and all it does is cause problems (flooding, anyone).

I would also like to have a little creek or stream that I can sit on my porch and listen to... and watch animals play in the field...

I do not want to spend the rest of my life in Las Vegas...I want to go somewhere that I can breathe and appreciate life without having to deal with smog and traffic and rude people all day (and that is just in the commute phase of the day).

So, trees, hills, garden, green, 4 seasons, rain, animals, creek or stream, porch...anyone know where I can find this place.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Blog Challenge - Day 4

Weird Things I Do When I'm Alone

Ok, so I'm not alone all that often. But, when I am, is there anything that I do that I think is weird...

Ummm, I talk to myself... ALOT. Is that weird. I think that most people do it. But I do it ALOT (did I mention that). I am going to blame it on the fact that I was an only child and that I have a vivid imagination. And my imaginary friends still live with me, LOL. I do it at home, I do it in the car. I do it in my office at work (I sometimes get caught there, people look at me funny). I am going to tell myself it is normal...

Another "weird" thing that I do when I am alone is I will check every room in the house to make sure there is not some serial killer waiting to murder me! I do not care that my two dogs that bark at a noise they don't know (and sometimes a noise they DO know) are sleeping soundly in the living room. I must make sure (several times, usually) that there is no one in the house with ill intentions.

Speaking of my dogs, I also talk to my dogs. I do not have full conversations with them like Kristoff in Frozen, but I do talk to them. Again, I blame this on being an only child and not having alot of people to talk to growing up...

I'm not sure how weird those things are, but that is what I came up with...what are some of the weird things that you do when you're alone?

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Blog Challenge - Day 3

My Family…

My family is very important to me. It always has been, even though it has changed significantly over the years.

Growing up, it was me and my mom. I don’t know my father. Never met him, at least that I can remember. My mom’s parents and my maternal grandmother’s mother (my great grandmother) lived close. This was my family. We spent all our time together, my great grandmother watched me in the summer and on the weekends when my mom worked. We moved to Florida and my grandfather’s mother and aunt were also close but they passed away when I was little and I really don’t remember them very well.

When I got a little older, my mom’s sister and her family moved to town. I have three male cousins that I was smack dab in the middle of, age wise. We all got along pretty well. I think I said in yesterday’s post that I was the only girl, so I was spoiled. Two of my cousins are very sports oriented and the other is sports oriented and musically oriented. I only have the musical part. We all were pretty close. Then as we got older, they started to move away. My oldest cousin went out of state for school and now lives in Colorado (he did come back to Florida for a while and has his wife and two littles). My middle cousin moved all over the place and now is in Southern California with his wife and their littles. My youngest cousin remains in Florida with his girlfriend (oops, fiancĂ©) and their little. (I don’t have any littles, that doesn’t seem fair, does it.)

My mom and her sister and I moved to Nevada about 10 years ago. That was my family for a while. My mom’s parents and my maternal grandmother passed away before we moved. Within 2 years of each other (it was not the easiest time, it’s also about the time we were dealing with the hurricanes, see yesterday’s post).

I met my hubby in 2007 and we got married in 2008. In 2013 we moved from Northern Nevada to Southern Nevada but my mom and her sister remain in Northern Nevada. That is very difficult as my mom and I have been very close my whole life (single mom/only child). She visits a lot though…His mom and one of his sisters (who are twins) live in California. The other sister lives in Oklahoma. We don’t see them very often, but my hubby’s father is now living with us. So we see him a lot! We also have the pups, red dog and grey dog.

I have lots of extended family too, lots of second and third cousins, some I know, some I don’t, lots that I am friends with on Facebook…
Then there are the friends that are like family…

So there you have it, my family though the years. Stay tuned to find out about the strange things I do when I’m alone…

Friday, June 12, 2015

Blog Challenge - Day 2

15 Things About Me...

I love to sing, but I have horrible stage fright - I was in high school choir and love to sing, but would always get really nervous when it was time to perform. I envy those people that do not get nervous when about to perform.

I met my hubby on MySpace, does that still exist?!?!

I am an only child, of a single mom, AND the only female grandchild...yeah, I'm spoiled rotten

I've lived in Minnesota, Florida and Nevada. I was born in Minnesota and moved to Florida when I was 5, I do not remember much of Minnesota. Then we moved to Nevada when I was 29. Although Northern Nevada and Southern Nevada may as well be 2 different states.

I graduated #12 in my high school class of almost 900 students...that was 20 years ago this week, wow, I feel old!!!

I am allergic to cats and some dogs, but still have 2 pups (grey dog and red dog, we call them)

We moved from Florida to Nevada because we went through two hurricanes in about two weeks, then got threatened with another a few weeks after that, AND there had been one a few weeks before. At that point, we were done with Florida.

The first time I went to DisneyLand was 3 years ago for my 35th birthday, my hubby grew up in Southern California. But I grew up in Florida so went to Disney World alot. I was shocked when I saw how small DisneyLand is in comparison...

My favorite Disney character is EEYORE

I am right handed, unless I am eating, when I use my left, UNLESS I am eating sushi, I can not use chopsticks with my left hand!

Even though I grew up in Florida, I do not tan, I will burn if in the sun for, like, 5 minutes. So, I hardly ever went to the beach. I have even gotten so burned that I would blister, several times (ewwww!!!)

I hate cilantro, but my hubby loves it, so it makes for some interesting meal times

I changed majors in the middle of my college career, from Psychology to Social Work. I have an AA in Psychology and a BSW/MSW in Social Work.

My favorite flowers are probably Gerber Daisies or Poppies because they are so happy

I am not a fan of snow, but also not a fan of heat so neither Northern Nevada or Southern Nevada are my dream locales. Stay tuned in the challenge when I write about where I would like to live.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Blog Challenge - Day 1

The Meaning of My Blog Name...

So, my blog is called "Plus Size to Downsized" and I think it is pretty obvious what it means. I have always been a big girl, I was always the "fat friend" and really hated that. I didn't have a lot of people that I trusted, no boyfriends in high school (or college, for that matter).

My whole adult life, I would lose weight just to gain it back again. I even went so far as to pretty much starve myself on the HCG diet (whatever it was called). I took pills everyday (that I got from Walmart, yeah, I'm smart) and ate 600 calories. My hubby made me stop when I passed out one day while at the Hot Springs in Carson City, NV.
I have tried really hard in the past, even getting down to about where I am now (my lowest in forever). I look at pictures from THAT time and think to myself, what if I had continued with the weight loss 3 years ago, where could I be NOW if I had not given up.

Well, I have made up my mind, I am NOT giving up this time. I will not go back to all the old bad habits that I had. I have the support of my family, losing weight with someone else is so helpful (even if I do get jealous because he has lost more than me!!!).

The name of the blog actually came to me while I was laying in bed one night, I was thinking about my weight loss journey and where I have come from and where I was going and playing around with words. I actually had to get up and write it down so I didn't forget it! That was the moment that I decided that I would be doing this blog, it all came from a thought in the middle of the night, and the rest, as they say, is HISTORY!!

Stay tuned, tomorrow is "15 things about me."

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Blog Challenge

I know I just started this blog, but I want to do something fun, so I have been seeing so people doing blog challenges. I could not find one that I really liked, so I created my own!!

30 challenge

I know that anyone who knows me would be shocked to think of me starting something in the middle of the month (I'm a little OCD like that) but that is exactly what I am going to do... tomorrow.

I decided to do 28 days (4 weeks) since I am starting in the middle of the month. I figure it will get me used to (trying) to blog everyday and will give you a chance to get to know me. So stay tuned...

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Well, i have been looking at some other blogs recently and I think I want to do a blog challenge. It appears to be a good way to get me blogging consistently everyday, get the brain going, and introduce myself to you guys... so I am going to have to think on it for a minute, but I do believe that I wilk do a 30 DAY BLOG CHALLENGE! Stay tuned for more.

Lavender Bath Salts/Soak

So, I have not yet used the foot scrub that I made the other day, I wanted to make some bath salt/soak first. So I did that last night. You can actually smell the lavender in this one... I love soaking my feet after a long day. I figured I would use lavender essential oil.

So that it will help with the sleeping thing!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Coconut Lavender Foot Scrub

So, I think I mentioned before that I am obsessed with essential oils...Well I have gotten it in my mind that I am going to make all of my skin care products now. The first one I decided to try out was a foot scrub, since it is getting to be summer and my feet are, well, hideous.

I love skin care products from the store, however, they are expensive so I don't get them often. A container of foot scrub can run you upwards of $15.00 (if not more). So I searched Pinterest, got all the best ideas and put them to work.


Friday, June 5, 2015


So, today was a day of temptation...

I want to eat everything in sight today, I don't know why...

I get to work and someone has brought Dunkin Donut munchkins to work for "Donut Day."

Really, I need this temptation in my life. I looked up the calorie count... one of those little buggers has 70 calories. No, they are not worth it... I keep telling myself. I was good, I passed the minchkins 7, 8, 9 maybe 33 times today and did not have one.

Then, at lunch time, when I am STARVING, I go in the kitchen... what JERK that I work with brought cinnamon coffee cake today. On top of the donuts. I was good, I made my lunch (Nutrisystem meal and veggies) and ignored it.

I still want to eat everything in sight though...

This weekend is going to suck, I WANT SUSHI!!!!!!! but I also want to lose this 3.5 pounds that is keeping me from getting my next bear.

The struggle is real!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


So, I have decided that I am obsessed...

With Essential Oils...

About a year ago, I was at a training and I got a horrible headache. The organizer of the training heard me asking for ibuprofen and offered to assist. She pulled out this little zippered case and out came a small bottle of peppermint oil. She rubbed it on my neck and temples and within 15 minutes the headache was gone. I did not think much of it until a few months ago, when the same thing happened. Well, I had to get my own. So I have ordered several different oils from several different companies and have been trying them out. I got a diffuser to put in the bedroom to help me sleep and I want to learn all I can. I am ordered some other supplies and I am going to do some experimenting this weekend and try to make some body butter and maybe even some lip balm.

I want more oils...

But, I live in Las Vegas, where it is over 100 degrees in the shade. I am afraid to order anymore for fear that the heat will destroy them. I also am afraid to by cocoa or shea butter or beeswax for fear that they will melt. I am not sure how to solve my dilemma. I guess I will do some research and see if there are any companies in town that sell the supplies so that I don't have to wait until winter.

On another note, I exercised again today. Woke up this morning and thought about getting up and going for a walk, but my body said NO. I don't know what is going on with me, I walk up more tired than when I go to bed. So I went to work and watched my FitBit numbers NOT go up. I got home from work and really did not want to get on the treadmill, but told myself to get my lazy ass on it and walk for at least 15 minutes. I walked for 22 minutes. YAY!!! I watched part of Frozen to get through it. Did I mention that I HATE THE TREADMILL. But when you live in Las Vegas, you have to make due...

I am hoping that this will be a pattern, I am changing my work schedule so that I can go in a little early and come home a little early so that I can get my exercise in when I get home, before I eat dinner. (I don't have to worry about making dinner as Hubby is the cook in our house, plus, Nutrisystem is usually microwaveable).

I guess we'll see!

Monday, June 1, 2015


So, my favorite thing in the whole world is to be so busy that 7 hours go by in the blink of an eye...and that was my day today. However, I could have lived without the MASSIVE headache that appeared about hour 6. I actually had to leave work a little early today (30 minutes) because my head was pounding. Ibuprofen did NOTHING. Essential oil blend...NOTHING. Got home and relaxed and it is better. Still not gone, but, it is better.

Okay, rant over. I started my day with a 25 minute walk before work. Finally, after almost a week, I am back to the grind. It was pretty warm, especially when walking in the sun, but then again, I live in Las Vegas, so what do I expect...I am going to have to start only doing the treadmill, which sucks, because that is so boring. I have my Kindle with some movies on it, so hopefully that will help. I have a couple of workout DVDs that I would also like to start doing. I need to figure out something to do to help with my "batwings." You know, the fat that is under your arms when you lose weight. Any ideas would be appreciated. I was gesturing with my arms the other day and I happened to catch it out of the corner of my eye...batwings. I NEED TO DO SOMETHING!!!!

I got a package today. I ordered some cocoa butter and some essential oils as I am going to make a homemade body butter that will hopefully help tighten my skin (grapefruit and cypress oils with cocoa butter and coconut oil). Hubby and I will play around with the ingredients and the process this weekend and I will post all the fun. Hope that it helps as I really don't want "batwings" on my stomach after all the weight loss. I will also be making a body butter with lavender and vetiver oils to hopefully help me sleep. Hope that works too!

Okay, this was kind of a random post today. Not sure that I will be posting everyday, but when something strikes, I will post it. Stay tuned for more!