Friday, June 19, 2015

Blog Challenge - Day 9

Where do I want to visit?

Okay, I know the challenge was for 5 places, but I could not narrow it down so here are the 8 places that I want to visit...

I have always dreamed of traveling the world (the problem being that the minute I leave, all I want to do is go home). So thinking about all of the places that I want to visit, almost makes me want to pack my bags...


I have always wanted to go here, before it was visited by Lara Croft... It seems so magical and peaceful. The only issue that I would have is most of the toilets in this part of the world are "squat toilets" and I do not mean that they are short!!


Again, somewhere that I have always wanted to go, even before Indiana Jones went there...Again, very magical and peaceful, and, come on, its carved out of a mountain!!!


Somehow, I am seeing a pattern here. Machu Picchu is another place that I view as very magical. The trip to get there would probably not be that magical though, as you have to take a train then you have to walk... a long ways... well, I will keep it on my list.


I love the architecture and the colors of the buildings. The history of the place is amazing and I have always wanted to go here, my mother also dreams of visiting this country. We will have to go together.


I love italian food, but I guess that is not a good reason to go to a place. But it makes it more of a dream. If I could afford it, I would take a trip that hits every region in Italy and all of the different cultures and, yes, foods, that this entails. I know that there are some companies that do trips like this and they can take upwards of a month (come on lottery!!!)


Other than the risk of earthquakes and sliding into the sea, I would love to go to Greece, all the clear blue water, oh, and MAMMA MIA!!!!!!


This is my newest obsession and I want to thank Anthony Bourdain for that...The architecture and the history. The FOOD. I usually watch travel shows and food shows and think "oh, I wouldn't eat that." On the show, Parts Unknown, he went to Iran and there was not one thing that he showed that I would not have eaten (which, anyone who knows me knows is unusual). I so want to visit this country...


Anyone who knows me knows that this has been my dream locale since I was a little girl, the magic and the mystery. The history and the culture. I dream of actually living here. I devour books about Ireland and would happily visit with the sheep and the cows in the green, green pastures... 


  1. I love Italy too. I went to Florence and Rome a few months ago. I wanna live in Florence.
    Machu Picchu is really nice.
    Russia and Eriland could be great

  2. I have never been out of the US. I would love to do some traveling, I even have a passport!

  3. Well, maybe is a good time to pack? :)