Saturday, June 20, 2015

Blog Challenge - Day 10

What I do for Exercise…

So I got up this morning at the butt crack of dawn to go do a Father’s Day 1 mile race/fun walk. It was really freaking hot!!. Luckily it only lasted about 20 minutes. I can’t imagine what the 10K runners felt like…

I walk for exercise right now. I am in the middle of my weight loss journey, so I do not yet feel comfortable in joining a gym. I will, eventually, because I will need to do the strength training part of the process. But right now, I walk. I walk in the morning on the treadmill. I was going outside to walk, but, again, I live in Las Vegas (desert) and it is HOT!!! I will probably not get back to walking outside until, oh, October, maybe!

I have some exercise DVDs also, but have not really used them. I have Leslie Sansone videos and I watch some videos on YouTube. I really want Richard Simmons videos: Sweatin to the Oldies. I used to do that one years ago, and I LOVED IT!

I tried to do yoga, but I don’t seem to have the patience for it…maybe I will try again.

I also have an elliptical, however, I can only be on it for 5 minutes at a time before I feel that I am going to die. I should get back in the habit though as I lost a lot of weight on it a few years ago.

So, at least at this moment, those are my options for exercise. I am willing to try anything…at least anything that I can do indoors in the 108+ degree heat we are experiencing right now!

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