Sunday, June 21, 2015

Blog Challenge - Day 11

My favorite foods…

Yay, one of my favorite topics!!!

So, right now, I am obsessed with SUSHI. I could eat it all day/every day! I have to have it and when I don’t I think about it (I am not sure that I have gone so far as to say I DREAM about it). The funny thing is, I resisted it for SO long. My hubby has always liked sushi and when we were first together, I tried it…I got through about 4 pieces before I actually had to spit it out and try not to puke. I did not eat it for a long time. Then, recently (2 or 3 months ago), we got California Rolls. Then I started craving it. We would go to lunch and I would try a new thing each time. This last time I actually tried a piece of sushi that had raw fish on it. I think that was the problem during the first sushi trip. It’s a texture thing. But, wonders of wonders, I was okay! It was not my favorite, but I didn’t want to throw up.

We had sushi last weekend, it has been a week and I am going through withdrawal. I am not sure that I can make it a month (this is the time frame that my hubby and I agreed on since we are trying to lose weight and, you know, ALL YOU CAN EAT).

My second favorite food is ITALIAN food, which is good since Nutrisystem is so full of it. Spaghetti, ravioli, peppers and sausage, pizza, etc. I could probably eat pasta every day of my life (well, before sushi at least). As I have mentioned before (Day 9) one of my dream locations to visit would be Italy. I want to go and eat through the country.

Another favorite is COMFORT food. Things like mac and cheese, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, etc. I grew up in a very traditional food household. Things like tuna casserole, tater tot casserole, pot roast… We did not ever have fish (except the tuna casserole). We did not have foreign foods, except maybe canned chow mein. So I was never really exposed to other tastes. But my hubby has tried to open my eyes and my taste buds.

I also love SALADS, well, usually any salad that I don’t have to make…

Some of the foods that are not my favorite are things like SOUP/STEW. I am NOT a soup person. My hubby is, which can make it difficult when he is craving soup and I am like, “really, why do you want to drink your meal?”

One of the foods that I have never had, but would love to try is PERSIAN food. I think I mentioned earlier (Day 9) that I would love to go to Iran and that it came from an episode of Parts Unknown and all the food looked so good. I have found several Persian restaurants in the area, however, have not made it there yet. I will keep you informed of that adventure!

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