Monday, June 15, 2015

Blog Challenge - Day 5

Where Do I Want To Live...

I currently live in Las Vegas, NV. It is so hot and arid, I do not like it at all (but I love my job, so I deal...) I really would like to live somewhere that is green with hills and trees that do not have the word PALM in their names. I would like to have 4 seasons, although I am not a huge fan of snow... I want to be able to see hills and the sky and not smog and other houses when I look out my windows. I would like to have a garden (DON'T LAUGH!!!)

My best friend moved to Tennessee recently and this really describes what I see when I look at pictures. Someone I follow on Instagram just moved to North Carolina and posted a picture and when I saw it, I was like..."That's it, I want to live there! It was a white farm house with lots of land and a creek and trees and room to roam.

I would love to be somewhere that it rains...more than the stupid rain we get here that is just a pain in the ass, because it is the desert and all it does is cause problems (flooding, anyone).

I would also like to have a little creek or stream that I can sit on my porch and listen to... and watch animals play in the field...

I do not want to spend the rest of my life in Las Vegas...I want to go somewhere that I can breathe and appreciate life without having to deal with smog and traffic and rude people all day (and that is just in the commute phase of the day).

So, trees, hills, garden, green, 4 seasons, rain, animals, creek or stream, porch...anyone know where I can find this place.


  1. We will both make it out here someday

  2. The heat is killing me!!! I want to go NOW!