Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Blog Challenge - Day 14 - Half Way!!!

What I ate today…

Since I started Nutrisystem in January, I usually eat 6 “meals” a day… Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and then 3 snacks. Some days I may skip one or two snacks to have a bigger breakfast, lunch or dinner. But typically this is a normal looking day…

My breakfast this morning was a Nutrisystem Double Chocolate Muffin and a Dannon Light and Fit Raspberry Chocolate Greek yogurt

My morning snack was a Atkins Mocha Café protein shake

My lunch was Nutrisystem Three Cheese Chicken with extra broccoli and a Laughing Cow Queso Fresco and Chipotle cheese wedge and steak (yes, I mixed chicken and steak, I am a freak). I also had sugar snap peas and carrots on the side with Bolthouse Ranch dressing

My afternoon snack was ¾ cup of blueberries and 3 ounces of turkey breast

My dinner was Nutrisystem Italian Sausage & Turkey Pizza and a salad with avocado, cheese and croutons with Bolthouse Thousand Island dressing (yum)

My evening snack (dessert) was a Nutrisystem Peanut Butter Cookie.

On Nutrisystem, you are supposed to have at least 4 servings of vegetables a day… as you can see, I had that today (and then some).

I drank 12 glasses of water with crystal light, because I have a really hard time drinking plain water.

I have found that I am usually not hungry on Nutrisystem. I also have found that the food is actually pretty good. I would like to continue to eat Nutrisystem for as long as possible, I have lost 50 pounds since January 10th and have about 80 pounds left to lose… but I also feel that I could do this on my own, if I had too!

Tomorrow I write about my favorite hobbies and pastimes… Stay tuned!

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