Friday, June 12, 2015

Blog Challenge - Day 2

15 Things About Me...

I love to sing, but I have horrible stage fright - I was in high school choir and love to sing, but would always get really nervous when it was time to perform. I envy those people that do not get nervous when about to perform.

I met my hubby on MySpace, does that still exist?!?!

I am an only child, of a single mom, AND the only female grandchild...yeah, I'm spoiled rotten

I've lived in Minnesota, Florida and Nevada. I was born in Minnesota and moved to Florida when I was 5, I do not remember much of Minnesota. Then we moved to Nevada when I was 29. Although Northern Nevada and Southern Nevada may as well be 2 different states.

I graduated #12 in my high school class of almost 900 students...that was 20 years ago this week, wow, I feel old!!!

I am allergic to cats and some dogs, but still have 2 pups (grey dog and red dog, we call them)

We moved from Florida to Nevada because we went through two hurricanes in about two weeks, then got threatened with another a few weeks after that, AND there had been one a few weeks before. At that point, we were done with Florida.

The first time I went to DisneyLand was 3 years ago for my 35th birthday, my hubby grew up in Southern California. But I grew up in Florida so went to Disney World alot. I was shocked when I saw how small DisneyLand is in comparison...

My favorite Disney character is EEYORE

I am right handed, unless I am eating, when I use my left, UNLESS I am eating sushi, I can not use chopsticks with my left hand!

Even though I grew up in Florida, I do not tan, I will burn if in the sun for, like, 5 minutes. So, I hardly ever went to the beach. I have even gotten so burned that I would blister, several times (ewwww!!!)

I hate cilantro, but my hubby loves it, so it makes for some interesting meal times

I changed majors in the middle of my college career, from Psychology to Social Work. I have an AA in Psychology and a BSW/MSW in Social Work.

My favorite flowers are probably Gerber Daisies or Poppies because they are so happy

I am not a fan of snow, but also not a fan of heat so neither Northern Nevada or Southern Nevada are my dream locales. Stay tuned in the challenge when I write about where I would like to live.


  1. Lol! Your last comment made me laugh. I'm not sure I know of anyone who thinks of Las Vegas as a "dream" location.

  2. I have a few friends who thought it was amazing that I was moving here...if I knew then what I know now...!