Friday, June 5, 2015


So, today was a day of temptation...

I want to eat everything in sight today, I don't know why...

I get to work and someone has brought Dunkin Donut munchkins to work for "Donut Day."

Really, I need this temptation in my life. I looked up the calorie count... one of those little buggers has 70 calories. No, they are not worth it... I keep telling myself. I was good, I passed the minchkins 7, 8, 9 maybe 33 times today and did not have one.

Then, at lunch time, when I am STARVING, I go in the kitchen... what JERK that I work with brought cinnamon coffee cake today. On top of the donuts. I was good, I made my lunch (Nutrisystem meal and veggies) and ignored it.

I still want to eat everything in sight though...

This weekend is going to suck, I WANT SUSHI!!!!!!! but I also want to lose this 3.5 pounds that is keeping me from getting my next bear.

The struggle is real!!


  1. My husband has the same problem when he goes to work. His coworkers bring cookies and donuts (on a regular basis) and it's so hard to resist the temptation. I'm a stay at home mom so as long as when don't buy unhealthy food, I don't eat it.

  2. Yes, I work in an office all day and almost everyday there is some kind of food. today it was pastries. They were cherry so I was able to avoid them (not my favorite). Tomorrow the whole office is (can) order lunch from a deli so I'm sure there will be sweets associated with that too!!!