Monday, January 14, 2019

Moving On... For Now

So I did a week of low carb, then I had a bagel. My hubby never got on the low carb train this time so it was hard. So now we are going to do something different, just portion control and tracking... at least for now.

I did lose some weight since the holidays, I went to the doctor last week and was pleasantly surprised that I weighted less than before the holidays... actually to the point that the nurse asked me what my secret was! 😀

So, it was a crazy week, stress at work, stress at home and crazy back issues, different day/different issue. So now I need to focus on what I am doing. I will be trying to take pictures of what I am eating, not sure that I will do the daily logs but at least try to post most days. I would like to go back to the overnight oats for breakfast and salad a couple of times a week (but not too much as salad does not get along with my digestion.

I also bought a yoga mat and bricks and would like to start doing that, I have Prime Video, Hulu and Netflix so hoping there are some good yoga videos out there, oh, YouTube on my TV is amazing!

I'm also gonna look back at some of the old posts, tweak a few, do some new ones and see where this takes me. Stick around, won't you?

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