Monday, July 6, 2015

Blog Challenge - Day 26

Favorite Season or Holiday...

This one is easy!

My favorite season is FALL. When it is getting cooler after the heat of summer. When people start focusing more on family and home. Oh, did I mention, my birthday is in the fall!!! Which also leads to my favorite holiday (also in the fall), HALLOWEEN. I love that there is one day of the year that you can choose to be something else. You can be a witch, or a fairy or a barmaid, wench or anything else that you choose. And your excuse is its a costume. I also love the meaning behind Halloween. When the veil is thinnest and you can be close to loved ones that have left us.

I have always loved the fall for holidays. Living in Nevada, even more so. I love the fact that every two weeks I have time off work!!! You see, I don't work on my birthday. I have always taken it off. So in the middle of October, I have time off for my birthday. Then at the end of October, it is Nevada Day (the last Friday of October). Then in the middle of November, Veteran's Day...Then Thanksgiving and the family day after. Then I have to go a little longer to get to Christmas and New Years. Sometimes I take a day off in the middle between thanksgiving and Christmas, just to have a day off every 2 weeks.

Fall is the best, followed by Spring, then Summer and Winter are tied... I hate heat and extreme cold!

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