Saturday, August 15, 2015

A to Z : Boys names

So back to my favorite names, here is the list of my favorite boy names.

Alexander, Anthony, Aaron, Andrew

Brandon, Benjamin

Christopher, Cody, Collin, Cole

Daniel, Devon, Dylan, Dominick, David, Daryl

Edward, Eric, Ethan

Fredrick (Freddy)

Gabriel, Gregory


Ian, Isaac

Jonathan, Joseph, Jeffrey, Jacob, Joshua, Jake (not from StateFarm)

Kevin, Kenneth, Kyle

Louis (Lewis), Logan, Lucas (Luke)

Mark, Mitchell

Nicolas, Nathaniel (Nathan/Nate)

Oliver, Oscar

Patrick, Paul, Peter


Robert, Richard, Ryan, Rory

Samuel, Scott, Seth, Steven

Thomas, Timothy, Travis, Tyler, Tobias (Toby)

Uriah, Upton


William, Wesley



Zachary (Zack)

Now its your turn...What is you favorite names??

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