Sunday, August 16, 2015

Downsizing Me Log - 8/15/2015

Weight - 224 (pretty sure that is a direct result of taco bell)

Morning Fasting Blood Sugar - 107

Steps taken (FitBit) - 6050

Miles (FitBit) - 2.68

Active Minutes (FitBit) - 24

Exercise completed - 24 minutes (1.3 miles) on treadmill

Calories in (MyFitnessPal) - about 2000

Calories out (FitBit) - 2330

Water Intake - 96oz

Nutrisystem (NS) On Plan - No, sushi got me again!!!

What I ate today -

Breakfast - NS Turkey Sausage and Egg sandwich with laughing cow cheese
Lunch - Sushi
Dinner - NS Hamburger with laughing cow cheese and veggies

Comments - OMG, sushi, why am I so addicted to you!?!? We found a new sushi place that is REALLY close to our house, but they do half price rolls, so we figure when I am having a craving I can go get a roll and be satisfied...maybe :)

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