Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Downsizing Me Log - KETO Week 5 - 11/25/2015 to 12/1/2015

Weigh In Wednesday -
11/25/2015 AM weight was 211.3
12/2/2015 AM weight was 217

Days of Exercise (Gym/Walking/Other) - NONE

Eating On Track This Week - Umm, Yeah, NO!!!!!!!! THANKSGIVING!!!!!!

Calories In/Calories Out - NO IDEA, DID NOT COUNT WED, THURS, FRI, SAT, SUN or MON


Water Intake - NOT ENOUGH

Fasting Blood Sugar Readings -  By the end of the week my fasting blood sugars were 130+ I even started taking one metformin (again, I was taking three at one point) on Wednesday 11/25...

Comments - Thanksgiving, Movie with popcorn and to top it all off, SUSHI!! I felt like crap all weekend, kept eating... okay, no more foolishness, I am up 5.7 pounds. BACK ON TRACK!!!!!

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