Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The End...and The Beginning

The End...

Okay, this is the end...

The end of NOT doing it. The end of giving up. The end of feeling like crap.

The Beginning...

Okay, on August 1st, I will be getting back to the blog. I will be doing the Downsizing Me Log. I will be doing my Goals. I have been away too long.

We were doing so good, Nutrisystem was so good, Hubby lost about 90 pounds and I lost about 75 pounds. And then, the unthinkable, we stopped... At Thanksgiving... WHAT THE HELL WERE WE THINKING!!!

It didn't all come back, I gained back about 25 pounds, Hubby about 35 pounds. But it is so disappointing. We could be so much closer to where we want to be. But, we stopped.

Well, now it starts, again... and this time, we DON'T stop.

We have been doing Keto again for the last week. I have lost about 5 pounds and Hubby lost about 8 pounds. We will be taking more photos, doing some more recipes round-ups (and our own recipes too). We are thinking about actually using the YouTube page that I set up and doing some videos to keep ourselves accountable. What do you think, would that be something that you, fabulous readers, would be interested in? Seeing us do some videos about what we eat, how we live... Let me know in the comments.

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