Monday, August 22, 2016

Downsizing Me Log - UPDATE

The Downsizing Me Log is going Weekly!!!

I am losing my mind with this log, not really (kinda!!)

Starting 9/1/2016, I will be doing the Downsizing Me Log Weekly.  At least for a while. It will still include all the things it always has (weigh-in, Blood Sugars, exercise, etc) but it will just be once a week, instead of everyday. That way I can give an overview of pictures of the best meals from that week, instead of wanting to kick myself when I forget to take pictures!! I am also going to try to start doing a little more with the blog instead of just what it has been. When I started I had all these grand plans but not very many of them have come to fruition.

So stay tuned and we’ll see where the blog goes together. And remember, we are going to be starting the YouTube channel sometime soon!!

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