Saturday, July 18, 2015

A to Z of travel

Like Thursday's post, I am loving the A to Z lists. Another of the topics listed was the A to Z of travel and it is from MYATOZCHALLENGE.COM. I thought it was a fun post idea, so here we go! Shestakov

Age you started traveling: I don't really remember when I started traveling, I know that when I was little we used to travel to see family. I did not really start traveling for pleasure until recently

Best beer you’ve had and where: I am not a big beer drinker so I don't really know what the best would be.

Cuisine (favorite): I love Italian food, Mexican food and Japanese food, especially sushi! I could probably survive for a really long time if I only had any of these types of cuisine.

Destinations–favorite/least favorite, and why?: I think my favorite destination would have been DisneyLand/Napa Valley. I traveled there with my hubby and we had so much fun just being with each other. I think my least favorite destination was New Orleans. I think that this is a destination that is so overrated. We were there during the French Quarter festival and it smelled of vomit and pee!

Event you’ve experienced while traveling that made you say “wow”: I think that the "wow" moment of my travels was when we went to New Orleans, the streets were packed with people, so much so that you could hardly move, and I think I said "WOW" a few times (although probably not in a good way). 

Favorite mode of transportation: I am usually the driver, as I do not passenger well...although I did get to enjoy the BART train while in San Francisco.

Greatest feeling while traveling: I actually think that the greatest feeling while traveling is the feeling of getting back home...seeing loved ones, sleeping in your own bed, etc.

Hottest place you’ve ever traveled to: I actually live in the hottest place I've ever traveled to... I live in Las Vegas, where it routinely gets above 105 degrees in the summer. We did visit before we moved here and it was 105 degrees in August.

Incredible service you’ve experienced and where?: Not sure that I would necessarily saw that the service anywhere has been Incredible, at least not enough to stand out in my head.

Journey that took the longest: It wasn't pleasure travel but the trip that took the longest was when we moved across country. We spent 3 weeks going from South Florida to Northern Nevada. (I will write about that, sometime)

Keepsake from your travels: While traveling across country to move to Nevada, I bought charms at the big stops to make a charm bracelet. I have yet to make the bracelet, however, and we have been in Nevada for 10 years. 

Let-down sight, where and why?: Again, I have to go back to New Orleans, I was looking so forward to go there on our roadtrip and it was so disappointing. Las Vegas is also very disappointing. Noisy, drunk crowds, paper thin hotel walls...

Moment where you fell in love with traveling: I think going to Napa Valley was a very special time, it was our (belated) honeymoon and I loved the trip getting there and the different vineyards and just the relaxing atmosphere.

Nicest hotel you’ve stayed in: Again, not sure that I can pick out any that would scream NICEST HOTEL... The Hotel Menage in Anaheim was really nice. Most of the time, we stay in things like the Holiday Inn!

Obsession–what are you obsessed with taking pictures of while traveling?: I usually forget to take pictures!

Passport stamps-how many and from where?: I don't have any, I do have a passport but have yet to go out of the country, however, I have BIG plans (see blog Challenge Day 9 for more details)

Quirkiest attraction you’ve visited and where?: My hubby and I went to Bodega Bay while traveling in the San Francisco area... it was cool to be wear they filmed one of my favorite movies (The Birds).

Recommended sight, event or experience: I want to go to Napa Valley and be chauffeured around so that I can taste all the different wines. It comes highly recommended and I will definitely try it, someday!

Splurge-something you have no problem spending money on while traveling: FOOD! I will always spend money for food where ever we go

Touristy things you’ve done: We do all the touristy things, I have been to Alcatraz in San Francisco and DisneyLand. I have been to Graceland and driven down across the Golden Gate Bridge.

Unforgettable travel memory: I think that all memories are special and should be unforgettable. I think that going to Napa and spending time with my new hubby is pretty unforgettable!

Visas-how many and for where?: Never had one, but, BIG plans...

Wine–best glass while traveling: etoile rose from Domaine Chandon in Napa Valley, I am not a big wine drinker but I could drink that all day!!!

eXcellent view and from where?: When you talk about views, usually that entails heights, which are not my favorite things in the world. I think the most breathtaking view that I have experienced is when you are driving from Carson City, NV to Lake Tahoe, you are driving in the forest and all of a sudden you come around the corner and there is the lake in all its glory!

Years spent traveling: Like I said above, I have been traveling since I was little when we would drive from Minnesota to South Florida to visit family... however, I just recently started traveling for pleasure. I would love to do more of it!

Zealous sports fans and where?: I am not really a sports fan, and have not really encountered zealous sports fans, unless you count my cousins for the Minnesota Vikings!

What are your A to Zs of traveling? I would love to know!

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