Saturday, July 4, 2015

Blog Challenge - Day 24

A Book I could Read Over and Over...

So this is not really going to be about one book. It is going to be about a couple of different "sets" of books.

First, my favorite author. We all have our favorite authors... mine is Nora Roberts. Anything she writes is wonderful and I get lost in the story. I could read her books over and over, and have on numerous occasions. I have one whole bookshelf that is just Nora Roberts and her alter ego, JD Robb. Her characters are relateable and her writing is just amazing. When I see that a new book has come out I have to run out and buy it (or, download it).

The second of the "sets" is the Harry Potter series. I have read all of these books several times. This is not just a children's book series. It is amazing whether you are 12 or 102.

I also have several other authors that I buy and keep around and re-read... they include Stephen King, Robyn Carr, John Saul, Nevada Barr and Dean Koontz.

So I guess this is not just a book post but a post about my favorite authors!

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