Monday, July 13, 2015

Monday - Listless No More - Favorite Exercises

So I have decided that I am going to do a new series on Mondays. It will help me to post consistently and it will be fun. I am going to do posts of Lists! Whether it be Top 5 (or 10), Favorites/Least Favorites or other types of lists, that is what I will focus on for Mondays at Plus Size to Downsized. So, let’s get started!

Since I started this blog to be a weight loss journal, let’s start with a fitting topic:

My Favorite Exercises

1. Walking outside – I can’t stand the treadmill, but I live in Las Vegas so, unless I want to get up at 3am, I have to use the treadmill. My local gym has an indoor walking track so I may check that out.

2. Elliptical – I have an elliptical machine, however, it kicks my butt! I can usually only be on it for about 5 minutes at a time, however, I will be working to increase this time over the next weeks/months.

3. Stationary bike – I do not have one of these and I want one!

4. Workout videos – I have Leslie Sansone Walking DVDs and just got a blast from the past by getting Sweatin to the Oldies by Richard Simmons. I have not done it yet, however, tonight’s the night, I think!

5. Swimming – I have a pool, however, it is not really conducive to swimming laps, I am able to water aerobics though, using the pool noodle or just hanging on to the side or treading water.

Any other ideas, what are your favorite exercises, help me mix it up!!

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