Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Rant about smart devices

Okay, so I understand the point of a smart device is to be helpful and make my life easier. But I really do not think that devices should be smarter than ME. I spent 30 minutes last night (at 11:30pm) trying to figure out why my FitBit was turning itself on. I really wanted to go to bed. But the light coming off my FitBit was making me crazy. I thought it was dying and I was sad. Then I remembered that I had done a tracker update. So I went on the computer (remember it is 11:30pm) and searched the update. Aha!!!, the update made it so that when you turn your wrist toward you, it comes on for a few seconds so that you can check the time without hitting a button. NEAT!!! But annoying as hell when you don’t know that it is going to do it. So I turned off the new feature and went to bed.

THINGS should not be smarter than me. However, more and more THINGS are. Maybe I am not as smart as I think.

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