Monday, August 17, 2015

Downsizing Me Log - 8/16/2015

Weight - 223.7 (could have been worse, much, MUCH worse)

Morning Fasting Blood Sugar - oops

Steps taken (FitBit) - 4704

Miles (FitBit) - 2.09

Active Minutes (FitBit) - 0

Exercise completed - None, it was a rough day, air conditioning went out so it was everything to just stay cool!!!

Calories in (MyFitnessPal) - 1426

Calories out (FitBit) - 2310

Water Intake - 72oz

Nutrisystem (NS) On Plan - Yes

What I ate today -

Breakfast - NSChocolate Biscotti bites and yogurt
AM Snack - Plum and cheese sticks
Lunch - NS Red Beans and Rice with veggies
Dinner - NS Chili and Beans with Salad (I make this into a taco salad) with some taco chips
Dessert - NS Peanut butter cookies

Comments - I AM HOT!!! The AC needs to be fixed NOW!!!!!

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