Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday - Listless No More - Jobs I'd Like

I recently did a post about the jobs that I have had in my life. I think for this weeks Moday List I will do a post about the jobs I think that I would like to have...

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I started my (adult) life thinking that I would be a Psychologist, but that changed in a hurry when I thought about having to sit behind a desk, every day, 8 hours a day!!! So I changed to Social Work. It is a very rewarding field, but there are some days that I just want to go work at a retail store (or something). If I was able to change jobs right now, what would I like to do...


  • Librarian - I would LOVE to be a librarian (no not the TV show), but someone who takes care of books all day and helps people find information... Have I mentioned I love to read...
  • Zoo keeper - do I really NEED to say more!!! Animals!!!
  • Store owner - I would love to own my own little store (I really would like it to be a New Age book store). I have dreams about this, but really, I do not have the funds for that, not to mention, would it really be feasible with the online resources available?
  • Archaeologist - I would love to dig in the dirt all day and find history! I think that this job is amazing, not to mention... MUMMIES!!!
  • Tour Guide - I know, its weird, but being a tour guide at some attraction (Winchester Mystery House, New Orleans Haunted Tour, etc) would be so cool!!!
  • Singer or Actor - I think that this would be so exciting, traveling to different places, getting to be different people. Not to mention the money... too bad I have horrible stage fright!!
  • Architect - I love to pretend to be an architect, looking at house plans and imagining what I would put in all the nooks and crannies (I am not that good at math though). I think that I have mentioned that I would love to work with an architect to design my dream home.
  • Photographer - I love to look at photos, I love to take photos. I like to look at a scene and think about how I would capture it...I don't have a camera!
  • Teacher - When I was little, I wanted to be a teacher (I'm not sure that this is true, but I think every one has this wish at sometime so I figured I go with it!). I think I would have to work with little kids though, since teenagers (and tweens) are kind of annoying!
  • Writer - okay, here is a dream that I have had my whole life, I still have the notebooks and folders of all the stories and started books that I wrote growing up. I think this is why having a blog appeals to me so much...I want to be a writer...yum, that is the dream!!!

What is your dream job (jobs you'd like to try)???

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