Monday, August 10, 2015

Monday - Listless No More - Jobs

So, this week, I thought that I would talk about the jobs I've Had...

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I started working when I was 16 years old. I did not start with a great job for a teenager. Well, it would have been, had it been in a different department. You see, my first job was at Sears. "Retail, that's perfect for a teenager" you might be saying to yourself. And you would be correct, if I had not been assigned to the furniture department. FURNITURE!!! At 16. YEARS. OLD!!! Along with furniture I was also in the linens and bedding department, again, not the best for a teenager. I did not last very long at Sears.

My second job was at a craft store, again, retail. But I LOVED this job. I worked there for several years, throughout the later part of my high school and early college. I would have continued there but I started my bachelor's degree and had to do a internship.

My next job was as a clerical position at an agency for juvenile offenders. I basically made phone calls and mailed out packets to families who had children who were caught shoplifting. FUN!!!

After I got my bachelor's degree, I went to work for a company called the Drug Abuse Foundation. I did home visits and completed BioPsychoSocial assessments. I also provided transportation to clients and just general case management stuff with another social worker. I worked there about 6 months before my dream job came up.

I went to work at a domestic violence shelter. My passion field has always been domestic violence. I was a case worker at a domestic violence shelter working with moms and their kids who were running away from abusive partners. We also worked with women who were still in the situation bit who were seeking help in the form of restraining orders or counseling... however, I only worked there for about 6 months. There was some office politics that forced me to leave the job.

At this point, I was very depressed and basically sat on my butt at home for about 6 months. Then I decided to go back to get my master's degree.

When I started my master's degree, I attempted to go back to work at another craft store. I did not last very long as school was really hard. I was in the advanced standing program which takes two years of school and narrows it down to 9 months. I was unable to work.

After I got my master's degree I actually ended up going back to the same domestic violence shelter that I was forced out of before school. There was a whole new crew at the shelter. I worked there for about 2 1/2 years before my family decided to move to Nevada.

When I got to Nevada, I applied for several jobs but ended up working for Child and Family Services. I was NOT an investigator. I could not do that. I was the one who answered the phone and took the reports of child abuse or neglect. I did this for 4 years. I left this job because I could not fathom being on call. You see, once every 6 months, all the social workers had to be on call for a week. I hated this part of the job and finally left the job because of it.

Finally, in 2009, I made my way to my current job. I worked for a program that assisted seniors in staying in their homes. Services available include a lifeline unit (think "I've fallen and I can't get up), Adult Day Care, Personal Care and Group Home services. Then in March 2013, I moved to Las Vegas with the same program and later, in December 2013, I became a supervisor for the program.

At this point, I think I am set for a while. I love my job and have no plans to move any time soon...unless, of course, I win the lottery or someone gives me a boatload of money...anyone?!?!

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