Thursday, August 6, 2015


I just spent 4 days on a road trip up to Carson City to visit my mother and my friends and attend a training for work. I don’t fly well, so I drove for 8 hours. Which is silly, because the flight from Las Vegas to Carson City is like 55 minutes! I planned on eating Nutrisystem food and exercising while I was there, I even brought workout clothes and food with me. Did I eat my Nutrisystem food…NO. Did I work out…NO.

I don’t think I have very good willpower.
I knew that I was going out to dinner a couple (all) of the nights that I was out of town, I went so far as to look at the menus beforehand and plan what I was going to order. Did that work…NO!!!!

So I travelled all day on Saturday, August 1st… I was good on the drive, I ate jerky and a Nutrisystem bar with veggies during the drive, then I got to Carson City and we went out to dinner. We went to a restaurant that I am very familiar with. I was planning to get a salad with dressing on the side… Did that happen…NO, I got a California Dreamin’ burger (hamburger with cheese and avocado and garlic mayo) with French fries… I even dipped those fries in the garlic mayo!!!!

Then on Sunday, we went out to breakfast…We went to IHOP and I was going to get a veggie omelet, but I got the Smokehouse Combo instead… Smoked sausage, eggs, hash browns and pancakes with butter and syrup (at least I only had a little syrup). Then on Sunday night, I went to Olive Garden with a friend for dinner. I was planning to get steak since I had gotten something there in the past that was not too horrible, but then, when I got there, they did not have it, so I got Chicken Alfredo instead (OMG, talk about calories!!). I had salad and 2 breadsticks also. I am pretty sure that I ate over 3000 calories on Sunday!

On Monday, I had Nutrisystem for breakfast (good job), then, I had a Jimmy John’s sandwich for lunch (not too bad), then I went out to dinner again with my coworkers that were up there for the training. I went into the restaurant knowing what I was going to order, a Cobb salad with turkey, dressing on the side…did that happen… NO!!! I got a California Turkey Melt (Sourdough bread with turkey, cheese, avocado and a mango chutney) with French fries (at least I did not dip the fries in mayo this time). The cheese was so thick and there was tons of turkey. It wasn’t even that good!!!!

On Tuesday, I had Nutrisystem for breakfast (go me!!), then I had a salad for lunch (sounds good, but I had planned to have a Nutrisystem bar and veggies). Then, I went out again with some friends and had sushi, All You Can Eat sushi! I had an appetizer, 2 rolls and a dessert roll (WTF). This one was planned though so I can’t feel TOO bad.

On Wednesday, August 4th, I again drove all day. I had Nutrisystem for breakfast (yay!!), then, instead of the Nutrisystem bar and veggies that I brought with me, I had Subway… but it was only a 6 inch (although it did have extra cheese and lite mayo on it). Then, when I got home, instead of eating Nutrisystem for dinner, we went to Chipotle… I got a burrito bowl with steak, double black beans, cheese and sour cream… It wasn’t too horrible…

I gained 4 pounds since August 1st, I got on the scale this morning. I go back on track today, it is a new day. No getting mad or frustrated. No giving up just because of a few days… I can’t do that again. Today, I will eat right, I will exercise and I will forgive myself for the last few days.

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