Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Downsizing Me Log - 3/22/2016

Date - 3/22/2016

Weigh In - 229.7

Eating On Track Today - Yes

Water Intake - 96oz

Blood Sugar Readings - 105

What I Ate Today -

  • Breakfast - Nutrisystem Chocolate Biscotti Bites
  • AM Snack - Wrap with ham and laughing cow with some peppers
  • Lunch - Nutrisystem Cheddar Broccoli Rice and lots of green beans with some extra veggies on the side
  • PM Snack - orange with 2 cheesesticks
  • Dinner - Nutrisystem Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo with zucchini, onion and mushrooms with a small dinner roll
  • Late Snack - Nutrisystem Chocolate Cupcake  
Comments - Back on track, I am back almost to the weight I was when we started again. I have got to get serious about this!!!

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