Friday, April 29, 2016

Downsizing Me Log - 4/29/2016

Date - 4/29/2016

Exercise - Nope

Eating On Track Today - Nope

Water Intake - Not enough

Blood Sugar Readings - oops

What I Ate Today -

  • Breakfast - Dannon Caramel Fudge Pretzel Light and Fit Greek Yogurt and Nutrisystem Cranberry Oatmeal Bites with coffee
  • AM Snack - oranges and mixed nuts
  • Lunch - Jimmy Johns #12 (Beach Club - Turkey, cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo, avocado and onions) - yeah, it was 800 calories...
  • Dinner - Nutrisystem Thick Crust Pizza with olives (if it looks familiar its because its the same thing I had yesterday, hubby is working tonight so I had to fend for myself)
Comments - So I started out really good, had Nutrisystem for breakfast, then my snack which was a little higher in calories, but I thought I would be shopping this afternoon so didn't know if I would be having an afternoon snack. We had a training at work and then I took the afternoon off. At the end of training, a couple of my coworkers were talking about where they were going for lunch, one mentioned Jimmy John's...oh, it was over at that point. Then it was all I could think about. So hubby asked what I wanted for lunch, and instead of saying a Grilled Chicken Sandwich (Nutrisystem, which was on my plan) I said Jimmy Johns...then when we got there, I ordered the sandwich that has cheese, mayo AND avocado spread...WTF!! Oh, well, it was good, I ate it...move on. Tomorrow will also be a cheat day. A PLANNED CHEAT DAY. SO... Yeah...

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