Friday, April 29, 2016

How many days?... / yalcin Eren
How many days can I do 100% Nutrisystem?

I really need to lose some serious weight... I am so sick of seeing the same numbers that I saw 6 months ago...

So I am doing another Blog Challenge!

For the month of May, I am going to see how many days I can do 100% Nutrisystem. I am hoping to go the whole month. Hubby and I will be seeing what Nutrisystem can really do if we are serious and put our minds (back) to it. Haven't really been 100% since we started again. So we made this deal. Starting Sunday, May 1st, we will be eating 100% Nutrisystem program. No extras, no snacking, no Sushi Cheat days...

One of the things that we are looking at is if we actually want to continue with Nutrisystem or if we want to do it on our own and start a Clean Eating Lifestyle. You know, nothing processed and as close to natural as possible. I think that is the way we are leaning at this time. But we will see...

We are also going back to the gym, I felt so much better when we were going, even though I bitched about it! So, this is the mission, and I choose to accept it!

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