Friday, April 15, 2016


So, I have been out of touch… for a while… a long while.

But I am back, from outer space… No, that’s not right.

I am back from Florida. Last week I went to Florida because my cousin was getting married. For WEEKS before that, I was trying to eat right, I really was… but it just was not happening. Nutrisystem for breakfast and lunch, but then pizza, hamburger and fried chicken for dinner…

No More!!!

Starting Monday, 4/18/2016, hubby and I have made a pact. We will be eating right, joining the gym again and this time, we plan to stick to it! We Have To!

Okay, enough excuses and promises… lets talk about Florida.

I grew up in South Florida, and moved to Nevada about 12 years ago after going through 3 hurricanes in a month. We went back a couple of months after moving for my cousin’s daughter’s birthday. My hubby and I went back in 2010 for my best friend’s father’s memorial. (Hubby got pneumonia while there) So now, 6 years later, I went back to Florida for my cousin’s wedding.

It was beautiful. The weather was perfect, cool and breezy, not too hot. There were a few raindrops to be seen, but not a lot. We stayed at a cute little hotel on the water, Jupiter Waterfront Inn, for a couple of nights.

Jupiter Waterfront Inn

The wedding was at a beautiful venue, Old Fish House in Jupiter, Florida. The wedding was beautiful. The ceremony was perfect and we were visited by two bright orange butterflies in the middle of the vows (the spirits of my grandparents, I believe).

photo credit:917e blaze of orange via photopin (license) 

Visited all my old haunts, the condo I grew up in, my aunt and uncle’s house from later. We saw my grandparents’ mobile home and my best friend’s house (she no longer lives in Florida, moved away a couple of years ago). My high school has changed a lot. My favorite restaurant, Russo's Sub Shop, has not. Still so good.

Russo's Sub from

All in all, it was a great trip… did I mention I don’t fly well…

I haven't been on an airplane in 6 years, I do not like it, I would rather drive. When I visit my mom, I drive 8 hours instead of flying for 1 hour... I know, I know...Stupid, right?!? I actually made my mom come get me for this trip, she came to Vegas a day early so that we could fly together to Florida. She is the flying expert with all the traveling and visiting she does. Every time the plane did any kind of, well, anything, I looked ay my mom so she could tell me it was okay. I know, I'm a baby...

5 days in Florida, spent some time with my family, my cousins all have children who are growing way too fast. I miss them and really need to make more of an effort to keep in touch. They are really the only family I have as I am an only child and don't really have any other connection. 

So, here I am, home again and really need to get back to me and my health. We are going back to Nutrisystem, hardcore, starting Monday. I will keep you updated and will start the food posts again, it seemed to help me and gave others some ideas about what to do with the food. 

Stick around for a while to see our transformation with Nutrisystem...

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