Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Downsizing Me Log - 5/10/2016 (CHEESY BROCCOLI!!!)

Date - 5/10/2016

Exercise - uh, yeah, NO

Water Intake - 64oz

Blood Sugar Readings - 105 fasting

What I Ate Today -

  • Breakfast - 2 hardboiled eggs and the Nutrisystem Cinnamon Roll with coffee
  • AM Snack - Wrap with ham, laughing cow cheese and some sliced mini bell pepper
  • Lunch - Nutrisystem Hamburger with tomatoes and cucumbers and "cheesy broccoli"
  • Dinner - Nutrisystem Whole Wheat Ricotta Crepes with brussels sprouts and peas and cottage cheese
  • Late Snack - Nutrisystem Carrot Cake Whoopie Pie  
Eating on Track Today - Yes

Comments - Didn't have a PM snack today as I was at an appointment, then came home to hubby washing his car so got stuck (not really...) washing MY car. By the time we had dinner I was starving. Oh, and about this "cheesy broccoli", hubby suggested that I take a laughing cow cheese wedge and throw it in my mini crock pot with frozen veggies because I was complaining that I was sick of my normal veggies... I WILL NEVER COMPLAIN AGAIN, it was the best thing ever... Thanks Hubby!!!

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