Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Downsizing Me Log - 5/11/2016

Date - 5/11/2016

Weigh In - well, i didn't get on the scale at home, but the doctor's scale this afternoon said 227, that was fully dressed and about 12.30p

What I Ate Today - Well, it was a bad food day, I had some NS for breakfast and lunch and dinner, but then we ate candy, lots and lots of candy... new day tomorrow

Eating on Track Today - uh, No

Comments - Ended up at Urgent Care today. Been having a very strange sensation on and off in my left leg for a couple weeks (actually more). tingling and numbness, not really pain but just weird. Last night, I had a full blown panic attack and almost went to the ER. calmed down enough to lay down and sleep but today, figured I better figure it out. I was so scared that I had a blood clot. I had a coworker (younger than me) who recently suddenly passed away from a blood clot so I was freaking out. Doctor at urgent care told me it sounds like a pinched nerve. Assured me that the symptoms do not match a blood clot. No swelling, pain, redness or heat in my leg. I feel so much better. Hoping it will get better now that we know what it is. Other health stuff going on, don't need to add a blood clot to it!

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