Friday, December 2, 2016

December Blog Challenge - Favorite things to do on a cold day



Having said that, there are some things that are great for a cold day.

When I lived in an area where it snowed (and I didn't have to leave the house) I loved to sit in the warm house with a blanket, snuggled up on the couch and watch the snow come down. It was so peaceful, the snow would insulate everything and it would get so quiet.

Now, I live in the desert so it gets cold, but we have not had snow (at least not yet). I snuggle up in my fuzzy pajamas and slippers, with my fuzzy blanket and the fireplace going. A cup of hot cocoa or maybe some soup or chili. A good book or a favorite movie on the tv. Or I just stay in bed and cuddle with my hubby or my dog.

I do actually leave the house, but I hate being cold. Sometimes I like going out for a walk in the cold, but I have to be very bundled up. When the air is brisk and clean and your nose gets red!

What are somethings that you do when the weather turns chilly?

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