Monday, April 3, 2017



Oh. My. God! What the hell have I done. 

I got on the scale this morning because I am starting back on track today. It said 255.9 (which was better than a split second before when it said 257). I weighed 209 in November 2015. I have gained back almost 50 pounds in a year and a half. I want to throw up. 

But, we start again… I have to get healthier. I hurt all over. My back kills me all the time. I have no energy and don’t want to DO anything. I have stomach issues. I am done with this. We prepped meals this weekend and I will be counting calories and exercising (at least trying). 

If you could give me all the support you can spare I would appreciate it.

First (well, you know) Downsizing Me Log comes next week…

Stick around and check it out.

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