Saturday, April 1, 2017

April 1 2017 - Let's Do This!!! / Jesper Noer


April 1st

Time goes so fast. I remember saying in October that I was going to get healthy before I turn 40 this October. That was almost 6 months ago…

And it has not gone well. I have gained back 40 pounds since losing all the weight in 2015 (NOT all in the last 6 months!!). I only have a few things that I can wear. I am tired all the time and I don’t want to do anything.

So, we start again. I am not starting over because I will NEVER get back to where I was when I started (305 pounds in 2008). I have 6 months to get as healthy as I can before I turn 40. I know that I can not get to goal in this time frame. I know it will not be perfect, but it will be a start.

I am starting a Health Journal, I have become obsessed with planners and the planning world so what better way to keep track of my health and fitness then to combine my desire to be healthier with my passion for planners! . I need to figure out what will work for me (and hubby) food-wise, exercise-wise and just life-wise. I will be going back to my weekly blog posts about my weight and food. I will be also including some posts on my Planner Life and the possibility of opening my own Sticker Store!!!!

Life goes on and moves at what seems like warp speed. But I would love for it to slow down, even just a little.

Stick around and join me!

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