Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A to Z of Me!!

Hi there, can you tell that I get a little obsessed when I find something I like...

This is another A to Z post like the last couple I did. I found this one at The Bikini Experiment by Lauren. This one is the A to Z of me! So follow along and find out a little (more) about me.

Age: 37

Biggest Fear: Spiders!!! Flying!!! Not being in control!!!!

Current Time: 8:46pm PST

Drink You Had Last: Water, water, water

Easiest Person to Talk to: My mommy

Favorite Song: This one is hard because I love music, I don't think I can narrow it down to just one. Right now, I love anything by Taylor Swift (I don't know why I just admitted to that) and Meghan Trainor!

Grossest Memory: I blogged about this one, my very first memory was getting a bloody nose when I was a very young child, it is the grossest!!!

Hometown: I was born in Minnesota, but moved to West Palm Beach Florida when I was 5, that is what I would think of as my hometown.

In Love With: My hubby and my furbabies!

(Just realized there was no J on this list!!!!)

Kindest Person You Know: My mommy!

Longest Relationship: My hubby and I have been together since 2007 and married since 2008

Middle Name: Marie

Number of Siblings: Zero, zip, zilch

One Wish: I wish that I was a mom

Person You Spoke To On The Phone Last: Mindy from my doctor's office. But i texted my mommy last.

Question You’re Always Asked:

Reason To Smile: Being alive, watching my furbabies

Song You Last Sang: No idea, I am always singing... In the car, in the shower, sometimes, even in my sleep.

Time You Woke Up: Alarm went off at 6AM, I finally got up at 6:27am

Underwear Color: Ummm...

Vacation Destination: I want to go on a roadtrip across the country!

Worst Habit: Talking to myself (and getting caught)

X-Rays You’ve Had: Oh, goodness, too many to count in the last year. Lots of CT scans, an MRI a PET scan and a couple of chest Xrays

Your Favorite Food: Right now, SUSHI!

Zodiac Sign: Libra

So what is your A to Z? 


  1. The beach for your hometown! I love FL! How fun!

    1. It was fun, although the beach was not a large part of growing up there as I am very pale and would never tan, I just turned red as a lobster and then pale again!! LOL!

  2. Some of your answers gave me a good laugh :) I also hate spiders and talk to myself way too often!! lol

    1. I think everyone talks to themselves, even if they don't admit it!!!