Friday, July 24, 2015


RANT!!! Just full disclosure, this is a “womanhood issue” if you are not interested, please move on to one of my other posts!!

Why, oh, why
do you have to get your period when you are having a good weight loss streak?!?!?

I have been losing the last week, losing a significant amount too… but then, this morning, I step on the scale for it to tell me 225.2. Wait, what!!!! I was 223.6 yesterday, are you kidding me!!! But it is “that time of the month.” So I should have known, but everytime I get on the scale and this happens, I freak out. It is so frustrating. I have been counting every calorie I put into my mouth (down to the 2 potato chips that I ate at a training yesterday, TWO POTATO CHIPS!!!!).

Okay, I know that it will get better, this is just a biological thing, but it is very frustrating. I already want to eat chocolate because, you know, “that time of the month,” but this REALLY makes me want to eat chocolate!!!

I also realize that I should not complain about it being “that time of the month,” without it I would not be able to work to have a family.

But, it is still really annoying!

Ok, rant over!

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