Friday, August 14, 2015

A to Z : Girls Names

I want to fill in the days with something other than just the daily weight loss log. So I decided to go back to other types of posts also. I loved the A to Z posts so I figured I would start there.

I love names, the creativity that comes in giving someone their names. I really think that your name forms part of who you are. Have you ever looked at someone and thought that their name really fits them. Or thought “what would that person be like with a different name?” Would another name fit you? Have you ever thought what your name would be if you could have chosen a name for yourself… There are some cultures that allow for someone to choose their own name, what would you choose?

Having said that there are those names that annoy the H%#* out of me. Especially when it is a common name but with such a really weird spelling that you have to stare at the name to see what it really says. That will be another blog post in the future J So here is a list of my favorite girl names (Boys names coming soon).

Adriana (Adrienne), Alexandria, Amy, Abigail, Alice, Avery

Brianna, Bridget, Brooke

Cassandra (Cassie), Charlotte, Cora (Coralee)

Danielle, Debra, Dana, Dominique

Emily, Emma


Gabriella, Grace, Gretchen, Gwendolyn

Heather, Heidi, Hannah


Jasmine, Jenna

Kate (Kathrine, Katie)

Lacey, Leah, Lillie (Lily)

Madeline, Mackenzie, Margaret (Maggie)

Natasha, Nora, Natalie, Nadine, Nicole


Paige, Penelope (Penny)

Queenie, Quincey

Rachel, Renee, Riley, Rosemary (Rose or Rosie)

Sara, Sofia, Serena, Samantha

Tabitha, Tamar, Tess or Tessa

Una, Unity

Veronica, Vanessa, Valerie, Victoria


Xylina or Xylona (meaning of the woods or forest)


Zaria, Zoe

So, as you can see I am pretty traditional when it comes to names… this will be even more apparent in the Boy Name list…

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