Sunday, December 20, 2015

New Year - New Me - New Blog Direction

Hi there! I am taking a little break from, well, everything over the next couple of weeks (well, 11 days, more or less)...

I have decided to change up the blog a little so I will just say this now...

HAPPY NEW YEAR and welcome to the new Plus Size to Downsized!!!

Well, it won't really be new. Its just a new direction. I will still be looking at my weight loss and downsizing me and my life, but I will also be looking at more about my life in general. I am sure that my like will take some interesting twists and turns, it ALWAYS does!!

I will have some new features... and keep some of the old ones... 

I will still be doing the Downsizing Me Log, but it will be on Saturday

I will still be doing the Monday - Listless No More weekly feature (most of the time)

I will be doing a 52 Week Gratitude Journal...not sure what day that will be on!

One of the new features will be the Oracle of the Week... I have several sets of Oracle Cards and will pick one every week to indicate where the week (may) take me.  

I am not really sure what direction this will take, but stay tuned and we will find out together!!!

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