Thursday, May 5, 2016

Downsizing Me Log - 5/5/2016

Date - 5/5/2016

100% Day - 5

Weigh In - 228

Exercise - We went for a walk tonight with the dogs

Eating On Track Today - Yes

Water Intake - 64oz

Blood Sugar Readings - ???

What I Ate Today -

  • Breakfast - Nutrisystem Canadian Bacon Breakfast Sandwich with French Onion laughing cow cheese wedge (OMG, so good), Dannon Toasted Coconut Vanilla Light and Fit greek yogurt and coffee
  • AM Snack - cottage cheese and pineapple
  • Lunch - Nutrisystem Meatball Parmesan Melt with bunch of cut up veggies (peppers, cucumber and tomatoes and Bolthouse dressing
  • PM Snack - Atkins Cafe Caramel Shake
  • Dinner - Nutrisystem Chicken Parmesan and Asparagus with tomato slices
  • Late Snack - Nutrisystem Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt Bar  
Comments - We have not been to the gym since we joined because we have not wanted to leave the dog. But, we went for a walk tonight and took the dogs with us! We were hoping that it would "get things moving" in my dog's belly...

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