Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Weekly Downsizing Me Check In - 11/30/2016 (THANKSGIVING!!! - Leftover Turkey Casserole)

Date - 11/30/2016

Week Start Weight - 239

Week End Weight - 247

Weight Change - I don't want to talk about it...

Exercise -
  • Wednesday - shopping with mommy
  • Thursday - does eating count?
  • Friday - shopping again
  • Saturday - shopping, again, again
  • Sunday - grocery shopping, back on track tomorrow
  • Monday - uhh, nope
  • Tuesday - no
Water Intake -
  • Wednesday - 80oz
  • Thursday - 80oz
  • Friday - not nearly enough
  • Saturday - not really
  • Sunday - 96oz
  • Monday - 80oz
  • Tuesday - 64oz
Blood Sugar Readings -
  • Wednesday - forgot
  • Thursday - nope
  • Friday - hell nope!
  • Saturday - yeah, no
  • Sunday - nope
  • Monday - 142, something went very wrong there...
  • Tuesday - 133
What I Ate This Week -
  • Wednesday - I don't want to talk about it!! Pizza for breakfast, hotdogs/tater tots/baked beans for dinner, cheesecake...
  • Thursday - THANKSGIVING!!!!

  • Friday - Leftovers, ALL.DAMN.DAY!!
  • Saturday - Went to breakfast in the morning, hubby and I shared a smoked sausage omelet and hashbrowns with pancakes; lunch was a Jimmy Johns Roast Beef Sandwich; dinner was Leftover Turkey Casserole (see below) with garlic bread and cottage cheese. Snacked on crap all day long... mommy went home today 😢
  • Sunday - Crap again, turkey sandwich, crackers, vietnamese soup, mac and cheese with sausage and cabbage and chocolate, SO MUCH CHOCOLATE!!!
  • Monday - BACK ON TRACK!!!KINDA Breakfast is Nutrisystem Canadian Bacon Breakfast Sandwich with laughing cow cheese and some grapes with coffee; morning snack is Nutrisystem Turbo Shake with peanut butter powder and almond milk; Lunch is Nutrisystem chicken sandwich with laughing cow cheese with veggies; afternoon snack is an apple and cheesestick; BUT THEN... Dinner was Chinese Food, some caramel corn and cherry chocolate kisses... WTF
  • Tuesday - LET'S TRY THIS AGAIN... Breakfast is Nutrisystem Canadian Bacon Breakfast sandwich with laughing cow cheese, some grapes and coffee; morning snack is Nutrisystem Turbo Shake with peanut butter powder and almond milk; Lunch is Nutrisystem Steak and Cheese melt with veggies; and this is where we go wrong again...  Dinner is A chicken quesadilla with rice and beans and more than my share of banana bread..
Eating On Track This Week - No! But it was planned will be back on track next week!



Leftover Turkey Casserole
(didn't really measure, just mixed together enough of the following for a 9X9 baking dish)

leftover turkey (white and dark meat, chopped)
brussels sprout casserole (like green bean casserole, but with brussels sprouts)
egg noodles (prepared per package directions
turkey gravy
parmesan cheese, if desired

Prepare egg noodles according to package. Mix hot egg noodles with gravy in large bowl. Add chopped turkey and brussels sprouts casserole. Mix thoroughly. Cook in oven for about 30 minutes or until heated through. Add grated parmesan cheese on top, if desired. We served with homemade garlic bread. Yum!!

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